Descriptive analysis of personality traits in relation to gender and age of the students of the University of Pamplona at the Villa Rosario campus

Liliana Contreras-Manrique, Rocío de Belén Contreras-Manrique, Tatiana Valentina Ovalle-Lizcano, Jaime Fernando Rincón-Leal
2020 Ecomatemático  
The study of the investigation of personality traits in university students, was developed with a mixed approach and descriptive design whose sample is 200 students from the University of Pamplona, ​​Villa Rosario, through the application of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory II, the traits were determined of personality in relation to the gender and age of the students; observing an index in the degree of impulsivity in impulse control; also anxiety traits such as fear, obsessive,
more » ... anguish in the male gender between the ages of 15 to 17 years; followed by the ages 18 to 25 of the same gender, with tendencies to react with feelings of sadness, and introversion and ideas of mistrust and suspicion. Then, in the female gender between 15 and 17 years old, emotions such as hysteria, extroversion, were present in the students, in a second order; ages 18 to 25 of the same gender, exhibiting being stress and hypochondriasis. In such a way these personality traits influence young university students either in their environment, particularly in the socialization processes with levels of anxiety, feelings of sadness or disorder such as depression, aggressiveness that affect the student in their learning process and interaction with their educational community and in professional training. This research was based on the theory of Erik Erickson, taking into account the stages in the development of the personality and emphasizing stage V (Identity versus Confusion of Roles), stage VI (Intimacy versus Isolation) where it was possible to give the importance, which is a fundamental basis to understand the process of human development, allowing the student to interact in a flexible, harmonious way in the environment that surrounds him.
doi:10.22463/17948231.2943 fatcat:5pjyxq23fbhzjon2suchbagmty