Computer-aided music education and musical creativity

Adem Maba
2020 Journal of human sciences  
It has become an absolute necessity to integrate informatics into educational activities as it is in all areas of life by using innovative teaching methods in the globalized world. As in other fields, developing the knowledge and experience of students by using information technologies in music education should be one of the principles of today's education system. Utilizing computer technologies and software applications especially in the areas of music perception in order to promote the
more » ... ity and knowledge contributes to an increase in students' positive attitude towards the course by enriching the context of the course. If a complex and difficult topic, such as composing music, which is one of the upper dimensions of creativity, is supported by the computer technologies and software applications, it will obviously help students to understand the process that is very demanding and create a product. In addition, many subjects that are difficult and abstract for everyone to conceive can be made easier by means of the computer technologies and software. When the educational programs developed in recent years are examined, it can be seen that informatics is included in many learning outcomes and activities aiming to improve musical creativity. In this study, detailed information about the effect of computer-aided education on the development of musical creativity is given. Suggestions for future studies are also presented.
doi:10.14687/jhs.v17i3.5908 fatcat:74o26xgctfbpta723l6gzctm6a