Real-time imaging of spin-to-orbital angular momentum hybrid remote state preparation

Manuel Erhard, Hammam Qassim, Harjaspreet Mand, Ebrahim Karimi, Robert W. Boyd
2015 Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics  
Quantum teleportation is a process in which an unknown quantum state is transferred between two spatially separated subspaces of a bipartite quantum system which share an entangled state and communicate classically. In the case of photonic states, this process is probabilistic due to the impossibility of performing a two-particle complete Bell state analysis with linear optics. In order to achieve a deterministic teleportation scheme, harnessing other degrees of freedom of a single particle,
more » ... her than a third particle, has been proposed. Indeed, this leads to a novel type of deterministic teleportation scheme, the so-called hybrid teleportation. Here we report the first realization of photonic hybrid quantum teleportation from spin-to-orbital angular momentum degrees of freedom. In our scheme, the polarization state of photon A is transferred to orbital angular momentum of photon B. The teleported states are visualized in real-time by means of an intensified CCD camera. The quality of teleported states is verified by performing quantum state tomography, which confirms an average fidelity higher than 99.4%. We believe this experiment paves the route towards a novel way of quantum communication in which encryption and decryption are carried out in naturally different Hilbert spaces, and therefore may provide means of enhancing security.
doi:10.1103/physreva.92.022321 fatcat:ysk3bydurjfa3llsdgy2dn7a6q