Growth rate for endomorphisms of finitely generated nilpotent groups

Alexander Fel'shtyn, Jang Hyun Jo, Jong Bum Lee
2020 Journal of group theroy  
AbstractWe prove that the growth rate of an endomorphism of a finitely generated nilpotent group is equal to the growth rate of the induced endomorphism on its abelianization, generalizing the corresponding result for an automorphism in [T. Koberda, Entropy of automorphisms, homology and the intrinsic polynomial structure of nilpotent groups, In the Tradition of Ahlfors–Bers. VI, Contemp. Math. 590, American Mathematical Society, Providence 2013, 87–99].
doi:10.1515/jgth-2020-0097 fatcat:r4h6ayudivhwhh3utagphfhvwm