Chronological Evaluation of the Onset of Histologically Confirmed Interstitial Pneumonia Associated with Polymyositis/dermatomyositis

Yu YANG, Jiro FUJITA, Michiaki TOKUDA, Shuji BANDOH, Toshihiko ISHIDA
2002 Internal medicine (Tokyo. 1992)  
Objective The present study was designed to determine the chronological sequence of interstitial pneumonia, skin involvement, and muscle involvement associated with polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM). Methods Weexamined our own cases of histologically confirmed interstitial pneumonia associated with PM/DM. In addition, a review of the literature wasdone to evaluate other cases of histologically confirmed interstitial pneumonia associated with PM/DM.Lung involvement was the first clinical
more » ... om for all of our 8 patients. Results Including the literature review and our 8 cases, there were 94 patients with PM/DM in whominterstitial pneumonia was histologically confirmed (36 PM, 50 DM, and 8 amyopathic DM). Chronological evaluation between the diagnosis of PM/DM and lung involvement demonstrated that most lung involvement occurred just before or just after the diagnosis of PM/DM.Interstitial pneumonia was preceded in 35 of 87 evaluable patients [21 cases with PM(61.8%), 14 cases with DMand amyopathic DM (40.2%)]. In 60 of 87 evaluable patients (69.0%), lung involvement occurred as a clinical manifestation at the diagnosis of PM/DM. Conclusion The present data demonstrate that interstitial pneumonia was frequently the initial onset in patients with PM/DM.
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine.41.1135 fatcat:pgkpk2fcgjbivkkafnq3i33syi