IDDF2020-ABS-0026 Ultra-mutated patients with POLE or POLD1 mutations exhibits distinct pattern between races and primary sites in colorectal cancer (CRC)

Wen Cai, Dehao Wu, Li dong Wang, Shu Zheng, Hanguang Hu, Weiting Ge
2020 Abstracts   unpublished
IDDF2020-ABS-0041 Figure 1 Abstract IDDF2020-ABS-0041 Figure 2 Abstract IDDF2020-ABS-0041 Figure 3 Abstracts A30 Gut 2020;69(Suppl 2):A1-A95
doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2020-iddf.47 fatcat:gvwp5lmtkjbg5e5zyuoel6zmpm