Review on History of Local Medicinal Herb Festival
한방지역축제의 역사성 고찰

Jae-Min Song, Mi-ja Do, Sang-Woo Ahn, Ji-Ho Jung, Namil Kim
2015 The Journal of Korean Medical History  
Purpose : Local medicinal herb festivals present the history of the Korean medicine and cultural resources in the regions to play an important role in attracting tourists, vitalizing local economy, and improving the local image. Therefore, it is important to understand the origin of the festival and grasp historical and cultural meaning of local medicinal herb festivals. Methods : I compared the books and articles presented in the reference list. Results & Conclusions : Local medicinal herb
more » ... medicinal herb festivals originates from traditional yangnyeongsi. Since the 17 th century, yangnyeongsi has grown up as a special market. Implementation of the Daedong Act promoted commodity and monetary economy that helped commerce and industry develop and market grow up. It also made changes in the social status system and yangnyeongsi has been such a historical phenomenon appeared in this social background. The growth of yangnyeongsi contributed to the progress in the private medicine that triggered the gradual transfer of power in the medicine to the private sector which has long been held by the government. In yangnyeongsi, there were many cultural events to attract visitors. It's the same case in China that preserves stages that were used for cultural events in the medicine market to pass down the historic sites while those in Korea are disappearing as yangnyeongsis are being pulled out of the city areas to the suburban areas due to the redevelopment projects. For this reason, restoration of the place for traditional yangnyeongsi should be taken into account through local medicinal herb festivals.
doi:10.15521/jkmh.2015.28.2.001 fatcat:r66g5rgvljahrker3o2zuekpdy