Methods of increasing the input power level in multi-element film microwave attenuators
Методы увеличения уровня входной мощности в многоэлементных пленочных СВЧ аттенюаторах

Alexsandr S. Mitkov, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russian Federation, Vladimir P. Razinkin, Vladimir A. Khrustalev, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russian Federation, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russian Federation
2021 Proceedings of the Russian higher school Academy of sciences  
The paper describes the design principles of multi-element broadband microwave attenuators of a high power level on film resistors. The proposed approaches make it possible to increase the input power level by several times or, at a constant input power, to significantly expand the ope¬rating frequency band. The studied attenuators with an insertion loss of 1-10 dB provide high-quality matching in the 0-2 GHz frequency band at an input power level of up to 500 W. These parameters are obtained
more » ... introducing quarter-wave sections of transmission lines with a certain wave imped-ance into the longitudinal and transverse branches of matched U-shaped and T-shaped dissipative structures.
doi:10.17212/1727-2769-2021-3-32-43 fatcat:ndiijsg4djdczeqfsi7ox47r7e