Sutikno, Lutjito
2014 163 INERSIA   unpublished
This study aims to determine design-flood discharge that occur in existing dam at Kali Kuning river and calculate flood discharge at 4 control points Chek Dam Kuning, Yapah, Ngadirojo and Dadapan Weir. The background of this study is flood disaster at Kalikuning river.The study iscarried out by hydrology and hydraulic analysis. The analysis of hydrology which included: testing of consistency data of rain fall, analysis of area averaged rain fall, design rain fall and testing of goodness of fit
more » ... y using Smirnov-Kolmogorof test and chi square test. The analysis of hydraulic iscarried out by calculation the height ofthe design flood at each control pointusing Bundchu formulation. The study results show that for 5th rain fall recorder, namely Kaliurang, Pakem, Sorasan, Sopalan and Tanjungtirto using the Rational Method, Weduwen, and Hasperare obtained the flood discharge for 100 year return period as follows (1) Chek dam Kuning 129.253 m 3 /sec, (2) Yapah weir 226.697 m 3 /sec (3) Ngadirojo weir 262.062 m 3 /sec, (4) Dadapan weir 287.046 m 3 /sec. By using Bundchu formulation are obtained the overflow depth as follows: (1) 1.254 m, (2) 2,526 m, (3) 2,163 m, (4) 3.157 m. The result explained that in Ngadirojo weir and Dadapan weirnotable to accommodate High Run off design flood of Kali Kuning river, while in the others control points are relatively safe.