Towards Arabic Sentence Simplification via Classification and Generative Approaches [article]

Nouran Khallaf, Serge Sharoff
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents an attempt to build a Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) sentence-level simplification system. We experimented with sentence simplification using two approaches: (i) a classification approach leading to lexical simplification pipelines which use Arabic-BERT, a pre-trained contextualised model, as well as a model of fastText word embeddings; and (ii) a generative approach, a Seq2Seq technique by applying a multilingual Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer mT5. We developed our
more » ... corpus by aligning the original and simplified sentences from the internationally acclaimed Arabic novel "Saaq al-Bambuu". We evaluate effectiveness of these methods by comparing the generated simple sentences to the target simple sentences using the BERTScore evaluation metric. The simple sentences produced by the mT5 model achieve P 0.72, R 0.68 and F-1 0.70 via BERTScore, while, combining Arabic-BERT and fastText achieves P 0.97, R 0.97 and F-1 0.97. In addition, we report a manual error analysis for these experiments.
arXiv:2204.09292v1 fatcat:kw4r3dldercoji77lcu3n5ta2i