Effects of Saturation on the Forces in Induction Motors With Whirling Cage Rotor

A. Tenhunen, T.P. Holopainen, A. Arkkio
2004 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
The effects of magnetic saturation on the radial magnetic force in induction machines when the rotor is performing cylindrical circular whirling motion are studied in this paper. Impulse method in the finite element analysis is used to calculate the forces and the eccentricity harmonics from both, the air gap flux density and rotor currents. The forces are studied as a function of supply voltage in order to find out the effects of the saturation on them. The maximum radial force is found to be
more » ... imited by saturation and saturation also couples the eccentricity harmonics together.
doi:10.1109/tmag.2004.824549 fatcat:brnnqw24jvgbrbkbpuhktm74tm