Gas Kinematics in Three Hickson Compact Groups: The Data

H. Plana, P. Amram, C. Mendes de Oliveira, C. Balkowski, J. Boulesteix
2003 Astronomical Journal  
We present Fabry Perot observations of three Hickson Compact Groups, HCG 88, HCG 89 and HCG 100. We detect ionized gas in 15 group members, three of which were previously uncatalogued objects, two in HCG 89 and one in HCG 100. We were able to derive 2D velocity, monochromatic and continuum maps and rotation curves for a total of 12 giant late-type galaxies and two dwarf galaxies. Even with this small sample of three groups, we can clearly see a trend of kinematic evolution and the different
more » ... d the different evolutionary stages of the groups. The members of HCG 88 show almost no signs of previous or current interactions, while HCG 100 contains at least two merging and one strongly-interacting galaxies. HCG 89 shows members with signs of interactions and galaxies with normal kinematics. We therefore classify HCG 88, HCG 89 and HCG 100 respectively as an unevolved group, a mildly interacting group and a system in the final stage of evolution.
doi:10.1086/368366 fatcat:z4x4rratdvgm7prlz5tehxgiai