Deletion of small ankyrin 1 (sAnk1) isoforms results in structural and functional alterations in aging skeletal muscle fibers

E. Giacomello, M. Quarta, C. Paolini, R. Squecco, P. Fusco, L. Toniolo, B. Blaauw, L. Formoso, D. Rossi, C. Birkenmeier, L. L. Peters, F. Francini (+3 others)
2015 American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology  
Muscles [diaphragm, extensor digitorum longus (EDL), tibialis anterior, and soleus] were dissected from at least three sAnk1 KO and three control B6 mice of 4 -6 mo (young mice) and of 12-15 mo of age (old mice). Samples were then frozen in liquid nitrogen and cryoprotected with Tissue-Tek II OCT compound (Sakura Finetek Europe, Leiden, The Netherlands). Transverse or longitudinal sections 8 m thick were cut with a Leica cryostat (CM 1850, Leica Microsystem, Wetzlar, Germany) and fixed with 3%
more » ... araformaldehyde. C124 SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBER DAMAGE IN sAnk1 KNOCKOUT AJP-Cell Physiol • Downloaded from the calculated curves related to each single Boltzmann term, for WT (black) and sAnk1 KO DIA (red). G: ICa-V plot of WT (black) and sAnk1 KO (red). H: normalized ICa activation (m) and inactivation (h) plots. Data are means Ϯ SE from 9 WT-Y, 8 WT-O, 8 KO-Y, and
doi:10.1152/ajpcell.00090.2014 pmid:25354526 fatcat:rkgyd2ieq5gk5nfawpv2hnrdsy