Neutrino Physics - Prospects

Federico Sanchez
2007 Proceedings of International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(HEP2005)   unpublished
Compelling evidences for oscillactions of solar and atmospheric neutrinos have been acumulated over the last years[1]. The neutrino oscillations have been also confirmed with artificially produced neutrinos. The neutrino oscillations imply the existence of 3-neutrino mixing in vacuum. This vast experimental program has proven the oscillation between sets of two neutrino flavours. The existence of a third mixing angle, the Dirac or Majorana nature of neutrinos, the absolute mass scale and the
more » ... sibility of CP violation in the lepton sector are still open questions. We present the experimental program for the following years.
doi:10.22323/1.021.0408 fatcat:fghevp2dzrgljbpagr3oo5gyfi