A Branched Magma Feeder System during the 1669 Eruption of Mt Etna: Evidence from a Time-integrated Study of Zoned Olivine Phenocryst Populations

Maren Kahl, Marco Viccaro, Teresa Ubide, Daniel J. Morgan, Donald B. Dingwell
2017 Journal of Petrology  
The 1669 eruption of Mt Etna was one of the most voluminous and devastating of its flank 17 eruptions in historical times. Despite a large body of relevant research, knowledge of the timing 18 and duration of magma transfer and magma recharge through the internal plumbing system 19 preceding and during the eruption is still limited. To address that lack of knowledge, we apply a 20 three+way integrated method, linking Systems Analysis of crystals, a time+integrated study of 21 zoned olivine
more » ... zoned olivine populations, and a forward+modelling approach using thermodynamic calculations. 22 Analysis of 202 olivine crystals erupted during the initial (pre+March 20, i.e. ) and the final 23 (post+March 20; i.e. and ) stages of the eruption reveals the existence of three different 24
doi:10.1093/petrology/egx022 fatcat:mk4pwwydarevpnykd6xqvody5y