Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) [chapter]

2008 Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Informatics  
We report here the first case of localized amyloidosis of the ureter and bladder to be treated effectively by occlusive dressing technique therapy using of dimethyl sulfoxide. The patient was a 48-year-old woman whose chief complaint was macrohematuria and right back pain. Ultrasound sonography demonstrated right hydronephrosis and the intravesical mass in the region of the right ureteral orifice. Retrograde pyelography revealed severe stricture of the right lower ureter. Cystoscopy
more » ... toscopy demonstrated a yellow submucosal tumor around the right ureteral orifice. We suspected urinary tract amyloidosis, and transurethral biopsy and resection of the intravesical mass were performed under right ureteral stenting. Histopathological diagnosis was amyloidosis. There was no evidence of systemic amyloidosis. To treat residual amyloidosis of the ureter and bladder, occlusive dressing technique therapy using dimethyl sulfoxide was performed every day. After 6 months of the therapy, right hydronephrosis disappeared, and there was no evidence of a recurrence of amyloidosis. We concluded that this therapy was very effective and safe for urinary tract amyloidosis.
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