Developing Theory of Mind Twenty-Five Years After the Publication of "Z Badań Nad Kompetencją Komunikacyjną Dziecka" (Edited by B. Bokus and M.Haman)

Maciej Haman
2019 Psychology of Language and Communication  
Twenty-five years ago, a book "Z badań nad kompetencją komunikacyjną dziecka", edited by Barbara Bokus and Maciej Haman, was issued containing, among else, the first Polish review of the studies on the development of Theory of Mind. During these 25 years, the area developed extensively and a new "state-of-the-arts" paper is necessary. The current paper does not pretend to the role of a complete review, instead it focusses on two live issues in the Theory of Mind (ToM) research progress: early
more » ... efore the age of four years) competences in false-belief understanding, which leads to the question of continuity versus discontinuity (e.g., "Two-system theory") between early and later ToM abilities, and neuroimaging studies of Theory-of-Mind, which may also contribute to the continuity debate.
doi:10.2478/plc-2019-0006 fatcat:xm7tzvgvxjhsbcpg4jg4nuhqma