Diet for the Italian Universities: several problems, some opportunities
L'università a dieta: molti problemi, qualche opportunità

M Borghetti
2010 Forest@  
Diet for the Italian universities: several problems, some opportunities. Universities in Italy are facing a deep financial crisis and some reorganization seems unavoidable. In some cases, cooperation between uni versities could be an option. For instance, in the field of forest sciences cooperation between Universities based in southern Italy towards a common "School of Forestry" sounds as an interesting possibility. Citation: Borghetti M, 2010. L'università a dieta: molti problemi, qualche opportunità. Forest@ 7: 104-105 [online: 2010-07-30]
doi:10.3832/efor0625-007 fatcat:t6b7dxcdebhwhdzivfbmneop2i