Dissecting The Multi-Phase Haloes Of High Redshift Radio Galaxies With Alma And Muse

S Kolwa
2018 Zenodo  
I will present the most up-to-date observations of ionisation, excitation and absorption lines in the MUSE spectra of an interesting high redshift radio galaxy, MRC 0943-242 at z = 2.92. The spatial distribution of MUSE-detected emission in these lines reveals interactions between the galaxy's radio jets and its ionised gas as well as possible evidence for tidal disruptions that may be associated with a minor merger. Line profile fitting to emission only components in CII], CIII], HeII, NIV]
more » ... III], HeII, NIV] and OIII] reveal kinematically perturbed gas (FWHM > 1000 km/s) within a 40-60 kpc radial extent from the AGN. Fitting emission and absorption to resonant lines, Lyα and CIV reveal an absorbing gas medium in the form of concentric shells at z=2.91 and z=2.92. We measure their column densities. With our current observations and future work in modelling, we hope to further dissect and understand various aspects of the nature of gas surrounding high-redshift radio galaxies.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1207026 fatcat:3nb3v5uazfb73gexqedgqcxs5e