Fabrication of hyaline-like cartilage constructs using mesenchymal stem cell sheets

Hallie Thorp, Kyungsook Kim, Makoto Kondo, David W. Grainger, Teruo Okano
2020 Scientific Reports  
AbstractCell and tissue engineering approaches for articular cartilage regeneration increasingly focus on mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as allogeneic cell sources, based on availability and innate chondrogenic potential. Many MSCs exhibit chondrogenic potential as three-dimensional (3D) cultures (i.e. pellets and seeded biomaterial scaffolds) in vitro; however, these constructs present engraftment, biocompatibility, and cell functionality limitations in vivo. Cell sheet technology maintains
more » ... ology maintains cell functionality as scaffold-free constructs while enabling direct cell transplantation from in vitro culture to targeted sites in vivo. The present study aims to develop transplantable hyaline-like cartilage constructs by stimulating MSC chondrogenic differentiation as cell sheets. To achieve this goal, 3D MSC sheets are prepared, exploiting spontaneous post-detachment cell sheet contraction, and chondrogenically induced. Results support 3D MSC sheets' chondrogenic differentiation to hyaline cartilage in vitro via post-contraction cytoskeletal reorganization and structural transformations. These 3D cell sheets' initial thickness and cellular densities may also modulate MSC-derived chondrocyte hypertrophy in vitro. Furthermore, chondrogenically differentiated cell sheets adhere directly to cartilage surfaces via retention of adhesion molecules while maintaining the cell sheets' characteristics. Together, these data support the utility of cell sheet technology for fabricating scaffold-free, hyaline-like cartilage constructs from MSCs for future transplantable articular cartilage regeneration therapies.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-77842-0 pmid:33257787 fatcat:cmdz5tim2bhbzboitiir2n6mxi