Impact evaluation of an energy savings plan project at Bellingham Cold Storage [report]

G.E. Spanner, D.R. Dixon, M.J. Fishbaugher
1990 unpublished
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This impact evaluation of an energy conservation measure (ECM) that was recently installed at Bellingham Cold Storage (BCS) was conducted for the Bonneville Power Administration (Bonneville) as part of an evaluation of its Energy Savings Plan (E$P) Program. The Program awards cash incentives to firms that install energy conservation measures in their industrial processes. The objective of this impact evaluation was to assess how much electrical energy is being saved at BCS as
more » ... ng saved at BCS as a result of the E$P and to determine how much the savings cost Bonneville-and the region. The impact of the ECM was evaluated with a combination of engineering analysis, financial analysis, interviews, submittal reviews (BCS's Completion Report, Proposal, and Abstract), and process evaluation reViews. The ECM itself consists of an energy management and control system that is used to manage energy consumption by a large refrigeration system at BCS's Orchard Drive facility in Bellingham, Washington. At this facility, BCS freezes and stores fruits, berries, and fish products, while two tenants process frozen fish products. Energy savings resulting from this ECM are expected to be at least I,094,402 kWh during the first year (a savings of 23%) with greater savings in subsequent years. The ECM cost BCS $I69,300 to install, Bonneville paid an incentive to BCS of $65.100, and the local utility paid an additional incentive of $21,700. The levelized cost of these savings to Bonneville will be no greater than 5.0 mills/kWh over the ECM's expected 15-year life, and the cost to the region will be no greater than 12.5 mills/kWh. It is expected that this ECM would have been installed within 3 years even without the ir:centive from Bonneville, and the levelized cost to Bonneville for just the first three years' savings is 21.03 mills/kWh or less .
doi:10.2172/6849805 fatcat:r23fanldn5dh7nch3ltleimgpu