DALIT WOMEN AND THEIR PRESENT STATUS IN INDIA (With special reference to Kandasamy's TOUCH and Dalit women in Gujarat and Karnataka State)

Narayan Jadhav
Dalit women are supposed as sub human being. She has been supposed as double exploited women physically, psychologically, sexually and socially. In her own family she has been exploiting and at the work place she has to face the exploitation of the higher caste master or boss. There are not double income sources for the Dalit family. Dalit women have to compel to do something to support the family. Maximum Dalit women are labour worker. They are illiterate, unemployed, confidenceless and
more » ... enceless and courageless worker. For daily livelihood they want daily work. They don't want to oppose the land lord or the master. They are ignorant about the lows and articles of Indian constitution which prepared for the women point of views. So this paper is an attempt to focus on the miserable conditions of the Dalit women in the 21st century with special reference to Meena Kandasamy's TOUCH anthology and Dalit women in the state of Gujarat.