Marginal discrepancy and load to fracture of monolithic zirconia laminate veneers: The effect of preparation design and sintering protocol

Samah SAKER, Mutlu ÖZCAN
2020 Dental materials journal  
To investigate and analyze the impact of teeth preparation designs and sintering protocol on marginal fit and fracture resistance of monolithic translucent zirconia laminate veneers. A total of 40 extracted intact human maxillary central incisors were assigned into 4 groups (n=10/each group) to investigate 2 variables: (1) the design of tooth preparation (a 1.5 mm incisal reduction with or without palatal chamfer) and (2) the two different sintering programs used for translucent zirconia
more » ... ent zirconia restoration (standard or speed sintering procedure). Marginal discrepancy was evaluated using a digital microscope. The specimens were loaded to failure in the compression mode, using a universal testing machine with a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. Marginal adaptation of monolithic translucent zirconia laminates are affected by both tooth preparation design and sintering protocol. However, resistance to fracture of translucent zirconia laminates has affected mainly by sintering procedure regardless the teeth preparation design used.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2020-007 pmid:33162456 fatcat:cilxvgwxt5g6rgeqvbtssl7nge