Forecasting the conditions of the decameter radio wave propagation in the Аrctic region

T. D. Borisova, N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, A. S. Kalishin
2017 Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic  
In this paper we present the results of studies the distinctive features of the decameter radio wave propagation based on the results of experimental measurements of radio wave propagation characteristics by the ionospheric oblique sounding (IOS) method and numerical simulation. An algorithm for numerical modeling the trajectory and energetic characteristics of the decameter radio wave propagation in the framework of geometric optics is described. The agreement between the simulated and
more » ... ntal radio propagation parameters (for example, the values of the maximum observed frequencies) is demonstrated. It is proposed to use the developed diagnostic model of the HF radio channel for the purposes of forecasting in areas not provided with IOS stations.
doi:10.30758/0555-2648-2017-0-3-78-86 fatcat:3epqbdlm65ds5ngm4eutzo6iqm