Mid-infrared gas filled photonic crystal fiber laser based on population inversion

Andrew M. Jones, A. V. Vasudevan Nampoothiri, Amarin Ratanavis, Tobias Fiedler, Natalie V. Wheeler, François Couny, Rajesh Kadel, Fetah Benabid, Brian R. Washburn, Kristan L. Corwin, Wolfgang Rudolph
2011 Optics Express  
We demonstrate for the first time an optically pumped gas laser based on population inversion using a hollow core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF). The HC-PCF filled with 12 C 2 H 2 gas is pumped with ~5 ns pulses at 1.52 µm and lases at 3.12 µm and 3.16 µm in the mid-infrared spectral region. The maximum measured laser pulse energy of ~6 nJ was obtained at a gas pressure of 7 torr with a fiber with 20 dB/m loss near the lasing wavelengths. While the measured slope efficiencies of this prototype
more » ... s of this prototype did not exceed a few percent due mainly to linear losses of the fiber at the laser wavelengths, 25% slope efficiency and pulse energies of a few mJ are the predicted limits of this laser. Simulations of the laser's behavior agree qualitatively with experimental observations.
doi:10.1364/oe.19.002309 pmid:21369049 fatcat:32fdi24w25au5bwtsljngy7bve