Affective Evaluation of Interior Design of Commercial Cars using 3D Images

Kunwoo Park, Jaekyu Park, Sungmin Kim, Jaeho Choe, Eui S. Jung
2014 Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea  
Objective: The purpose of this study is to define consumers' affection on the interior design of commercial cars in terms of its design factors: color, embossing and gloss as independent factors. Background: Existing affective studies related to interior of vehicle focus on just sedans. However, there is no affective study about the interior of commercial cars. In addition, it is hard to change levels to which manufactures want. Method: Representative design factors were drawn using ANOVA and
more » ... n using ANOVA and SNK analysis and definitive affective vocabularies were drawn using factor analysis. Furthermore, the results of 3D experiment were analyzed using ANOVA and LSD analysis. 3D images for the experiment were made using 3D max program. The experiment revealed that consumers discerned the differences in levels of each design factor and affective vocabulary. Results: The ANOVA revealed that beige color "A" type and non-gloss were the most preferred design in terms of the affective vocabularies and total preference. Conclusion: The result of the experiment may help manufactures to design the interior of commercial cars in the near future. Furthermore, the ANOVA result of affective vocabularies evaluation is expected to suggest a meaningful guideline. Application: The study results may be utilized as a guideline for interior design of commercial cars.
doi:10.5143/jesk.2014.33.6.515 fatcat:5itg5h6bq5gczi7camf6sdf5k4