Daniel Tudora, " Alexandru
2010 Geographica Timisiensis   unpublished
Using the statistical weights methods became a new tendency in approaching studies centered upon identifying the territorial inequalities, the explanatory character of these solutions, anchored in the nomothetic episteme al of spatial economy, with a strong echo in the Romanian geographic and sociologic school, also. This paper has as purpose analyzing, based upon a regional underdevelopment geography study, how the generalization of certain statistical and mathematical methods taken over from
more » ... ds taken over from other sciences can alter the rapport between the real and the estimated profile, given the fact that geography operates with statistical data associated to inferential statistics. Rezumat. Prelucrarea seriilor de date teritoriale în calcularea inicelui de dezvoltare rurală în Moldova. Utilizarea metodelor statistice a devenit o nouă tendintă în abordarea studiilor centrate pe identificarea inegalităŃilor teritoriale. Caracterul explicativ ale acestor soluŃii, ancorat în epistemologia nomotetică a economiei spaŃiale, cu un ecou puternic în evoluŃia şcolii româneşti geografice şi sociologice este evident. Această lucrare are ca scop analizarea, pe baza unui studiu de geografie, a subdezvoltării regionale, a modului cum generalizarea unor metode matematice şi statistice preluate de la alte ştiinŃe poate modifica raportul dintre real şi profilul de estimat, dat fiind faptul că geografia operează cu date statistice asociate cu statisticile inferenŃiale. The multi-criteria hierarchy methods are used for studies in territorial profile, being useful for elaborating regional classifications, and also for comparing the territorial unit with the average level in order to measure the gap between the units (Nelea Nicuşor Mihai, 2005). In a world where attention is a very rare resource, information becomes a pricey product, as it may misdirect our attention from what is important toward what it is not (Herbert Simon, 2002). The hypotheses of this study come from the difficulties of circumscribing the indicators which analyze the rural community underdevelopment, regardless of the source of approach: economy, sociology or geography. The relations inter-particularized by territorial statistical individual make classifications on multi-criteria hierarchy very difficult, and the main impediments are the following: