Study on Evaluation of Bearing Capacity for Soil-Cement Mixing Wall Using Permanent Pile

2020 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
An examination was performed on the use of soil-cement mixing walls, which have been treated previously as temporary structures left buried in the ground as permanent piles in order to rationalize foundation structures and to reduce environmental burdens. The construction machinery used to build temporary structures using such walls was used to construct the soil-cement mixing wall in this study, and the range for the strength of the soil-cement was assumed to be in the commonly adopted range
more » ... nly adopted range (500 to 2000kN/m 2 ). The vertical bearing capacity of the soil-cement mixing wall where the embedded portion is used as a permanent pile was examined by hypothesizing two types of failure modes: failure of the ground and sliding failure between the soil-cement and the H-shaped steel surface. This study aimed for the use of the embedded portion of soil-cement mixing wall as a permanent pile and evaluated the vertical bearing capacity in a full-scale load test and a model load test. This study first describes the background and the previous studies; second, it indicates the full-scale load tests in order to evaluate the bearing capacity of the soil, then presents the model experiments to estimate the bearing capacity on the pile body, and finally discusses the evaluation method of determining vertical bearing capacity on soil-cement mixing pile.
doi:10.2472/jsms.69.15 fatcat:ynejerkjxvegfidodoiutdmabe