Cationic (V, Y)-codoped TiO2 with Enhanced Visible Light Induced Photocatalytic Activity for Photoelectrochemical Applications [chapter]

Matiullah Khan, Wenbin Cao, Bilal Mansoor
2015 Proceedings of the TMS Middle East — Mediterranean Materials Congress on Energy and Infrastructure Systems (MEMA 2015)  
To utilize the wide spectrum of solar irradiations, an effective co-doping approach is applied to modify the photoelectrochemical properties of TiO 2 by doping vanadium (transition metal) and yttrium (rare earth element). V and/or Y codoped TiO 2 was prepared using hydrothermal method without any post calcination for crystallization. V, Y codoped TiO 2 exhibited high absorption coefficient with enhanced visible light absorption compared to monodoped samples. All the prepared samples showed pure
more » ... samples showed pure anatase phase and spherical morphology with uniform particle distribution. It is found that both the doped V and Y exist in the form of substitutional point defects replacing Ti atom in the lattice. The photocatalytic activity, evaluated by the degradation of methyl orange, displays that the codoped TiO 2 sample exhibits enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity. The synergistic effects of V and Y drastically improved the visible light absorption and electron-hole pair's separation leading to the enhanced visible light catalytic activity.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48766-3_33 fatcat:l6r5wtmw6fabha2kraokfgr3iq