Adding Water Path Capabilities to QWAT Databases

Bogdan Vaduva, Honoriu Valean
2021 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
The main purpose of this article is to show how to extend an existing open source database, namely QWAT (Acronym from Quantum GIS Water Plugin), by using pgRouting (PostgreSQL routing extension) in order to achieve the ability to find the water flow in a water network. The water path in a water network is a key information needed by any water supplying company for different activities such as customer identification, meter the water flow or isolating areas of the water network. In our
more » ... t an open source database was used and that database didn't have any means to identify the water path, so our research is intended into that direction. Once a water path is found, our next goal was to show that identifying customers for a water supplying company is just a click away (by using no directional graphs). Another key information needed by the water supplying companies is to know which valves should be closed in order to shut off the water for an area of the water network. As result, the second purpose of the article is to show how to identify the necessary valves, to be closed or open, in order to shut off or on the water (within the pipe network).
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2021.0121245 fatcat:lzf4drqvqfcclko5qhy2q7i7am