Diversity of species of the genus Conocybe (Bolbitiaceae, Agaricales) collected on dung from Punjab, India

K Amandeep
2015 Mycosphere  
A study of diversity of coprophilous species of Conocybe was carried out in Punjab state of India during the years 2007 to 2011. This research paper represents 22 collections belonging to 16 Conocybe species growing on five diverse dung types. The species include Conocybe albipes, C. apala, C. brachypodii, C. crispa, C. fuscimarginata, C. lenticulospora, C. leucopus, C. magnicapitata, C. microrrhiza var. coprophila var. nov., C. moseri, C. rickenii, C. subpubescens, C. subxerophytica var.
more » ... ophytica var. subxerophytica, C. subxerophytica var. brunnea, C. uralensis and C. velutipes. For all these taxa, dung types on which they were found growing are mentioned and their distinctive characters are described and compared with similar taxa along with a key for their identification. The taxonomy of ten taxa is discussed along with the drawings of morphological and anatomical features. Conocybe microrrhiza var. coprophila is proposed as a new variety. As many as six taxa, namely C. albipes, C. fuscimarginata, C. lenticulospora, C. leucopus, C. moseri and C. subpubescens are the first time records from India. Conocybe velutipes is the first time record from North India.
doi:10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/4 fatcat:qtipa5wctrfldd6akc4sdluejy