Geophysical and transport properties of reservoir rocks. Summary annual report [report]

N.G.W. Cook
1990 unpublished
oF eOOUMENr tmt. er i ) " 2 -Obj_tives Definition of petrophysical properties, such as porosity, permeability and fluid saturation, on the scale of meters, is the key to planning and control of successful Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques for domestic reservoirs. Macroscopic transport properties in reservoir rocks depend critically upon processes at the pore level involving interactions between the pore. topology and the physical and chemical properties of the rock minerals and interstitialt
more » ... d interstitialt fluids. Similar interactions at the pore level determine also the macroscopic electrical and seismic properties of reservoir rocks. The objective of this research is to understand, using analysis and experiment, how fluids in pores affect the geophysical and transport properties of reservoir rocks. The goal is to develop equations relating seismic and electrical properties of rock to the porosity, permeability and fluid saturations so as to invert geophysical images for improved reservoir management. Summary of Progress In FY 91 research was carried out in Tasks 2, 3, and 4 as scheduled in the
doi:10.2172/10170863 fatcat:clli3wnzlvfqhojnpjoeoaprvy