Fractionation of potentially toxic elements (PTE) in soils irrigated with wastewater using modified BCR sequential extraction procedure

B.S. Sagagi, T. S. Imam
2017 Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
Irrigation using wastewater is a very common practice in most of the developing countries. Excessive build-up of Potentially Toxic Elements (PTE) in the soils through this process may not only result in soil pollution, but also lead to higher PTE uptake by quality and safety. This uptake depends on the bioavailability and mobility of these elements which can be evaluated using the sequential extraction method. In this work the modified Community Bureau of Reference (B pseudototal extraction
more » ... ed that the concentrations of all the PTE determined were below the standard guideline values given by guideline values (SGV) and the Dutch Soil Intervention Values. showed that Cu, Fe, Ni and Pb were predominantly in the residual fraction which made them the least mobilised among the PTE studied, whilst substantial amounts of C in step 1 which made them the most mobile of the PTE and most likely to be taken up by the plants grown on these soils.
doi:10.4314/bajopas.v10i1.46 fatcat:crtsbgvhcrfhxnn2dlkdl46r3q