The Analysis of Aluminium Cantilever Beam with Piezoelectric Material by changing Position of piezo patch over Length of Beam

Mr Lalit, R Shendre, V Bhamare
2017 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
All mechanical systems suffer from undesirable vibrations during their operations. Their occurrence is uncontrollable as it depends on various factors. However, for efficient operation of the system, these vibrations have to be controlled within the specified limits. In ACV the vibration of a structure is reduced by using opposite directional force to the structure. Now a day's active vibration control is frequently being used in aircraft engines, submarine, robotic actuators, antennas of
more » ... hips, aircraft wings, automobile, helicopter blade, naval vessel. In this project a smart beam (aluminum beam) with one pair of piezoelectric lamination is used to study the active vibration control. The smart beam consists of rectangular aluminum beam modeled in cantilever configuration with surface bonded piezoelectric patches. The study uses ANSYS-16 software to derive the finite element model of the smart beam. A beam is modeled in Ansys design modeller & analyze in Ansys workbench, in which Undamped Natural Frequencies are obtained by solving the Eigen Value problem using Subspace Iteration method for cantilever beam.