Half-Heusler compounds: novel materials for energy and spintronic applications

F Casper, T Graf, S Chadov, B Balke, C Felser
2012 Semiconductor Science and Technology  
The prediction of ultra-low magnetic damping in Co 2 MnZ Heusler half-metal thin-film magnets is explored in this study and the damping response is shown to be linked to the underlying electronic properties. By substituting the Z elements in high crystalline quality films (Co 2 MnZ with Z=Si, Ge, Sn, Al, Ga, Sb), electronic properties such as the minority spin band gap, Fermi energy position in the gap and spin polarization can be tuned and the consequence on magnetization dynamics analyzed.
more » ... namics analyzed. The experimental results allow us to directly explore the interplay of spin polarization, spin gap, Fermi energy position and the magnetic damping obtained in these films, together with ab initio calculation predictions. The ultra-low magnetic damping coefficients measured in the range 4.1 10 -4 -9 10 -4 for Co 2 MnSi, Ge, Sn, Sb are the lowest values obtained on a conductive layer and offers a clear experimental demonstration of theoretical predictions on Half-Metal Magnetic Heusler compounds and a pathway for future materials design.
doi:10.1088/0268-1242/27/6/063001 fatcat:gpzz4k6hzjhfddn4eqs4sopo5u