Mammalia, Chiroptera, Thyropteridae, Thyroptera tricolor Spix, 1823: distribution extension in Ecuador

Carlos E. Boada, Diego G. Tirira, M. Alejandra Camacho, Santiago F. Burneo
2010 Check List  
In Ecuador, Thyroptera tricolor is distributed on the northern coastal region, in Amazonia, and in the foothills of the Andes between 50 to 1,800 m of altitude. We reported a capture of a non-breeding female at El Descanso, Los Ríos Province, in the central coastal region of Ecuador. With this record, we have extended the geographical distribution of T. tricolor in Ecuador 55 km further south. Using the available data for Ecuador, a predictive distribution model was generated using a Maximum Entropy approach.
doi:10.15560/6.2.227 fatcat:x3ebahjj4naoflivgtvzcobwea