Hard properties with (very) short PCPPs and their applications [article]

Omri Ben-Eliezer, Eldar Fischer, Amit Levi, Ron D. Rothblum
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We show that there exist properties that are maximally hard for testing, while still admitting PCPPs with a proof size very close to linear. Specifically, for every fixed ℓ, we construct a property P^(ℓ)⊆{0,1}^n satisfying the following: Any testing algorithm for P^(ℓ) requires Ω(n) many queries, and yet P^(ℓ) has a constant query PCPP whose proof size is O(n·log^(ℓ)n), where log^(ℓ) denotes the ℓ times iterated log function (e.g., log^(2)n = loglog n). The best previously known upper bound on
more » ... he PCPP proof size for a maximally hard to test property was O(n ·polylogn). As an immediate application, we obtain stronger separations between the standard testing model and both the tolerant testing model and the erasure-resilient testing model: for every fixed ℓ, we construct a property that has a constant-query tester, but requires Ω(n/log^(ℓ)(n)) queries for every tolerant or erasure-resilient tester.
arXiv:1909.03255v2 fatcat:hfkyuaaeu5bjdhleu2w6bf2r7a