Krithika, Sara
2014 International Journal of Sales & Marketing Management Research and Development (IJSMMRD) ISSN(P   unpublished
At the turn of the millennium, India was poised for change. Liberalization was in full flow and the markets were blooming. Men are becoming extra conscious about their appearance. The male cosmetic industry in India is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15 to 20 per cent. The Indian male cosmetics market, which was traditionally a stronghold of a few major players, has seen a lot of foreign entrants in recent times. This study examines in some depth the influences of self-esteem and
more » ... tomer decision making on the male consumer behavior in purchasing skin care products in Chennai. It also endeavors to find out the reasonable impacts of perception on the relationship between variables and consumer behaviors. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to men who are in the age range between 20-50 years old and living in Chennai. The total sample consists of 130 respondents. Further, the returned questionnaires were analyzed by using factor analysis and chi square analysis. Most of male customers who using skin care products reveal that, the main reasons behind their using skin care products are for improving self confident, and to feel better.