Light propagation characteristics in subwavelength metal-dielectric optical coaxial nano-waveguides

O. N. Kozina, L. A. Melnikov, I. S. Nefedov
2010 2010 12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks  
The bullseye structure is a classic nano-optical structure. This article designs a new bullseye structure with coaxial nano-pillars. We used the time-domain finite difference method (FDTD) to study the EOT of the structure. Studies show that the radius and height of the column have a significant impact on the transmission characteristics. The proper choice of the radius and height of the column will support the maximum transmission intensity. In addition, the bullseye structure has a higher
more » ... re has a higher sensitivity to the environmental refractive index. Theoretical analyses show that the enhancement transmission effect of the structure is caused by the interaction between the local surface plasmon and the surface plasmon polarization. This provides a new idea for the development and application of nano-photonic components. Keywords : surface plasmon; EOT; bullseye structure; finite difference time domain method Citation: Yang Z H, Song Y, Chen S, et al. Control of EOT of subwavelength metal bullseye structures by coaxial nano-columns[J]. Opto-Electronic Engineering, 2018, 45(11): 180207
doi:10.1109/icton.2010.5548993 fatcat:4m5wtaom4naavhtywytty6epvu