Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Advice (WGMIXFISH-ADVICE)​​ [report]

The ICES Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Advice (WGMIXFISH-ADVICE) met remotely to produce mixed fisheries forecasts for the Bay of Biscay, Celtic Sea, Iberian Waters, Irish Sea and North Sea. Mixed fisheries advice highlights the potential implications of single-stock (total al-lowable catch and effort) management on the catches of multiple stocks caught together in mixed fisheries. It considers past fishing patterns and catchability of the different fleets, and the TAC advice produced by the
more » ... single-stock advice groups, to provide quantitative forecast of over- and under-exploitation of the different stocks given mixed fishery interactions. The mixed fisheries forecasts were produced using the "FCube" (Fleet and Fishery Forecasts) methodology for the Celtic Sea and Irish Sea, and the "FLBEIA" (Bio-Economic Impact Assessment using FLR) meth-odology for the Bay of Biscay, Iberian Waters and North Sea. The Bay of Biscay mixed fisheries projections consider the single-species advice of 13 stocks (ank.27.78abd, bss.27.8ab, hke.27.3a46-8abd, hom.27.2a4a5b6a7a-ce-k8, mac.27.nea, meg.27.7b-k8abd, mon.27.78abd, nep.fu.2324, pol.27.89a, sdv.27.nea, sol.27.8ab, whb.27.1-91214, and whg.27.89a). Based on current fishing patterns and single-stock catch advice, the most limiting stock for Bay of Biscay demersal fisheries is horse mackerel (hom.27.2a4a5b6a7a-ce-k8), due to the zero-catch advice. The least limiting stock is whiting (whg.27.89a; 8 of 22 fleets). However, if horse mackerel was to be excluded as a restrictive stock due to the small contribution made by the demersal fleets to the total stock landings, the most limiting stock would be pollack (pol.27.89a ) whose quota is first reached for 8 of 22 defined fleets. The Celtic Sea mixed fisheries projections consider the single-species advice for 15 stocks (cod.27.7e-k, had.27.7b-k, whg.27.7b-ce-k, nep.fu.16, 17, 19, 20–21, 22, and outside FUs, sol.27.7e, sol.27.7fg, mon.27.78abd, ank.27.78abd, meg.27.7b-k8abd, and hke.27.3a46-8abd). Based on cur-rent fishing patterns a [...]
doi:10.17895/ fatcat:ugrpieru3fhrzemskcyjxauze4