Genetic characterization of diplodia resistant in somatic hybrids of Citrus unshiu and Citrus nobilis using resistance gene analogue (RGA)

D.P.P. Ragayatsu, Liliek Sulistyowati
2014 IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science  
Information about disease resistant in somatic hybrids is essential in breeding program. RGA markers are useful tools for identification, tagging, and mapping genes for disease resistant. About 4 RGA primers were used to analyze genetic character among 20 somatic hybrids of Citrus unshiu and Citrus nobilis that vary in their resistance to diplodia disease. S1/AS1, Pt8 and 18P33 primers didn't result expected band in amplification products. PCR amplification of RPS2 primers resulted expected
more » ... sulted expected bands size 660 bp in SS 1, SS 2 and SS 10 and unexpected bands size 110 bp of all samples. Expected band in SS 1 as resistance sample to diplodia was potential as resistance gene candidate. Protein sequences of expected band and unexpected band in amplification products of RPS2 primers showed amino acid similarity in 70% and there were kinase 2 and kinase 3a as homolog conserved domain.18P33 and RPS2 primers resulted polymorphic bands were selected for dendogram. Dendogram showed clustering of genetic similarity in 91% and all samples has genetic similarity in 100%. It was indicated that 18P33 and RPS2 primers could not prove distinction genetic character of diplodia resistant.
doi:10.9790/2380-07146170 fatcat:dd2dhmlgg5anpgz7mjudsnykt4