Competency-based Learning in Higher Mathematics Education as a Cluster of Efficient Approaches

Alexey A. Kytmanov, Michael V. Noskov, Konstantin V. Safonov, Marina V. Savelyeva, Victoria A. Shershneva
2016 Bolema  
This paper presents the research results of what the process of mathematics tеaching should be under the competency-based approach allowing the development of a university student's mathematical competency. It indicates that integrative structure of mathematical competency containing cognitive, practical, motivational and value-based, reflexive and assessment-based components, updates the polyparadigm approach in teaching mathematics as an open cluster of approaches; their integrated
more » ... tegrated utilization under the leading role of competency-based approach contributes to developing all mathematical competency components. It justifies that competency-based, context-based, interdisciplinary, discipline-based and information technology approaches and fundamentalization play a critical part in the polyparadigm approach; the integrated utilization of all approaches results in a synergetic effect. Within this framework the basic principles of competency-based mathematics teaching as well as a coherent system to select the content of mathematics teaching for engineering educational institution students are developed.
doi:10.1590/1980-4415v30n56a14 fatcat:k5oujy2svfe3tk2jythxxgcola