Exploiting graph structure for accelerating the calculation of shortest paths in WordNets

Holger Wunsch
2008 Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics - COLING '08   unpublished
This paper presents an approach for substantially reducing the time needed to calculate the shortest paths between all concepts in a wordnet. The algorithm exploits the unique "star-like" topology of wordnets to cut down on time-expensive calculations performed by algorithms to solve the all-pairs shortest path problem in general graphs. The algorithm was applied to two wordnets of two different languages: Princeton WordNet (Fellbaum, 1998) for English, and GermaNet (Kunze and Lemnitzer, 2002)
more » ... d Lemnitzer, 2002) , the German language wordnet. For both wordnets, the time needed for finding all shortest paths was brought down from several days to a matter of minutes.
doi:10.3115/1599081.1599207 fatcat:2k5is3gi2naqjbymn6brevsppe