Leachate treatment potential of nanomaterial based assemblies: a systematic review on recent development

Sachin Vaidh, Dharni Parekh, Dhara Patel, Gajendra Singh Vishwakarma
2022 Water Science and Technology  
Rapid development of the population has brought about a serious problem of waste generation and management. Open dumping and land filling are two of the preferred options for waste management and treatment. As a consequence of this, the accumulation of leachates has become one of the concerns for environmental sustainability. In this regard, various treatment methodologies have been developed in recent decades. Among them, the nanomaterial-based approaches are the emerging ones in the current
more » ... enario due to their various unique properties. Furthermore, nanomaterial-based assemblies (i.e., nanomaterials combined with microbes, chemical catalysts, enzymes, and so on) have been introduced as a novel modification for leachate treatment. This work, therefore, has been dedicated to comprehensively reviewing all nanomaterial based leachate treatment techniques. In this regard, the first part of this review will discuss the nano catalyst, nano adsorbent along with their synthesis and mechanistic view of pollutant removal potential. In the second part, the nanomaterial-based microbial conjugates applied in the leachate treatments have been discussed. Apart from this, various other nanomaterial-based methods have been discussed in the third part of the review. Hence this review is providing an insight of all the recent developments pertaining to the nano material based leachate treatment techniques.
doi:10.2166/wst.2022.168 pmid:35704411 fatcat:xwgarbtfi5dh3cg6ymjtcsdxey