Discrete Factorization Machines for Fast Feature-based Recommendation [article]

Han Liu, Xiangnan He, Fuli Feng, Liqiang Nie, Rui Liu, Hanwang Zhang
2018 arXiv   pre-print
User and item features of side information are crucial for accurate recommendation. However, the large number of feature dimensions, e.g., usually larger than 10^7, results in expensive storage and computational cost. This prohibits fast recommendation especially on mobile applications where the computational resource is very limited. In this paper, we develop a generic feature-based recommendation model, called Discrete Factorization Machine (DFM), for fast and accurate recommendation. DFM
more » ... rizes the real-valued model parameters (e.g., float32) of every feature embedding into binary codes (e.g., boolean), and thus supports efficient storage and fast user-item score computation. To avoid the severe quantization loss of the binarization, we propose a convergent updating rule that resolves the challenging discrete optimization of DFM. Through extensive experiments on two real-world datasets, we show that 1) DFM consistently outperforms state-of-the-art binarized recommendation models, and 2) DFM shows very competitive performance compared to its real-valued version (FM), demonstrating the minimized quantization loss. This work is accepted by IJCAI 2018.
arXiv:1805.02232v3 fatcat:cwekaftc6rc4hkjut7bbxpjxom