Resonant Type Piezoelectric Pump Driven at the Power Frequency Using a Tuning Fork Vibrator

Qiaosheng Pan, Haiyang Jiang, Yinghao Li, Quan Wang, Bin Huang, Ruijun Li, Zhihua Feng
2020 The International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration  
A resonant type piezoelectric pump driven by a tuning fork vibrator (TFV) is developed in this study. The resonant frequency of the TFV is designed to be the power frequency, thus the pump can directly work in a resonant state under a power frequency power supply. Three factors affecting the performance of the piezoelectric pump are investigated in this paper, including the thickness of the TFV, the material of the pump chamber diaphragm and the quantity of inlet valve. The Taguchi method is
more » ... aguchi method is adopted to obtain the best combination among the three factors. In accordance with the optimized results of the Taguchi method, a final prototype piezoelectric pump is fabricated via 3D printing technology. When driven by the power frequency power supply, the maximum flow rate of the prototype piezoelectric pump can reach 441.77 ml/min.
doi:10.20855/ijav.2020.25.41709 fatcat:l7oh2cnjtbasxirpnqsziah2ti