Dynamic analysis of cardiovascular drugs data

Humei Yang, Sunshi
2014 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Cardiovascular disease is an important disease which is a serious hazard to human health, not only that, but the cause is still quite complicated. Therefore, it is very important to carry out research work of cardiovascular drugs in the medical profession. In this article, the money amount sequence method and DDD number sequence method were used to statistically analyze the data of cardiovascular drugs which were purchased by patients in a hospital in Shanghai in 2010-2013 year. The data of
more » ... iovascular drugs second-class hospitals and upper-class hospitals in Shanghai included the drug varieties, prescription medication, the amount of money, which were statistically analyzed in order to provide recommendations for future cardiovascular medication guide. Through this research, we have come to the result that the money of cardiovascular drugs accounts greater of the amount of all of the drugs in the second-class hospitals than that in the upper-class hospitals, and cardiovascular medication amounts, prescriptions, etc of the second-class hospitals and upper-class hospitals had increased than before. Calcium antagonists and angiotensin ⅱ receptor antagonist drugs led occupation, as well as a small amount of varieties of drugs had gone into the top 10 amounts .As for cardiovascular drugs, foreign markets occupy a major market. That is to say that between different levels of hospitals there is some difference in cardiovascular drug use, but the drugs with good effects are already the first choice.