GPU-Based Volume Reconstruction from Very Few Arbitrarily Aligned X-Ray Images

Daniel Gross, Ulrich Heil, Ralf Schulze, Elmar Schoemer, Ulrich Schwanecke
2010 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
This paper presents a three-dimensional GPU-accelerated algebraic reconstruction method in a few-projection cone-beam setting with arbitrary acquisition geometry. To achieve artifact-reduced reconstructions in the challenging case of unconstrained geometry and extremely limited input data, we use linear methods and an artifact-avoiding projection algorithm to provide high reconstruction quality. We apply the conjugate gradient method in the linear case of Tikhonov regularization and the
more » ... t-step-size gradient method in the nonlinear case of total variation regularization to solve the system of equations. By taking advantage of modern graphics hardware we achieve acceleration of up to two orders of magnitude over classical CPU implementations.
doi:10.1137/080736739 fatcat:co2gp5hadzdxdcvtu5jnu2znaa