Why it is hard to explain Chinese face?—FACE measurement models and its influence on ecological product preference

Zhuomin Shi, Zaoying Kuang, Ning Yang
2017 Frontiers of Business Research in China  
Face in China is a well-known word but still lacks a precise and authoritative definition. Other than the counterpart connotation of social norms in western culture, Chinese face is also a cultural construct strongly connected with situational context. In order to explore the general context and the specific connotation of Chinese face, this paper focuses on comparing the difference between reflective model and formative model when measuring the construct of Chinese face. We find that RM is
more » ... find that RM is more reliable and stable than FM in terms of face measurement, but is inferior to FM in explaining the connotations of Chinese face. Moreover, we also explore the effects of different dimensions of Chinese face on consumer preference for ecological products. This study not only enriches the existing research on Chinese face, but also exploratively answers a controversial problem in this area. Furthermore, the findings in this study also provide theoretical support for building an environmentally-friendly society in China.
doi:10.1186/s11782-017-0002-x fatcat:efzg5rv5mvevzjtgcmewcwumau