Gerald L. Wendt, Robert S. Landauer
1922 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
Since our first paper' Venkataramaiah reported3 the independent dis covery of the active form of hydrogen, distinguished by its ability t o reduce potassium permanganate solution rapidly a t room temperature He produced it first in the alternating current corona, but made the inter esting observation that it is produced in measurable quantities when oxygen is exploded in an excess of hydrogen. Since all other methods of its prepa ration, including those reported below, are dependent on
more » ... and intense ionization of the hydrogen, this preparation by explosion i i ot importance in determining the mechanism of its formation. New Methods of Preparation Siemens Ozonizer.-In view of the ready formation of the new gas b? means of the electrical discharge a t 10,000 to 20,000 volts and a current of 4 to 25 milli-amperes, both a t atmospheric pressure and a t a pressure of 4 to 8 cm. of mercury, there is little new in its successful preparation in the usual quantities of about 0.01% by means of the ordinary Siemens glass tube ozonizer, with external tin-foil electrodes. This method is simple and reliable. It is particularly effective a t the temperature of boiling liquid ammonia. This method failed, however, when the ozonizer was immersed in liquid air, probably because of the increased dielectric strength of the glass walls. When metallic electrodes were inserted through the walls of the tube, the low temperature did riot prevent the activation.
doi:10.1021/ja01424a008 fatcat:njiwape3cndjrjz3qt7zyiofv4